I am deeply grateful for the generous support and encouragement of the organizations and individuals listed below. Each has provided valuable services, assistance and/or support to help make this blog and my constant wish of sharing the beauty of America with others through photographs a reality. I extend to all of you my heartfelt thanks.
the practice of contemplative photography book review

the practice of contemplative photography book review

This project and my artist residencies would not have been possible without the strong support and constant encouragement of my best friend, and wife Barbara. To you I offer my most heartfelt thanks and deepest gratitude. I am also grateful to my good friends Kelly, Bill, Diane, Mike and Ellen, for their caring, good wishes, unending friendship and constant support of my art. Thank you all.

There is also a small group of very special people whom I see only occasionally but who always brighten my day and make a difference in my life. Your smiles, energy, and warmth remind me of the preciousness of life and the need to care for others. To you, I send my good wishes and sincere thanks for enriching my life as you do.

   Jane & Granville – who are always there with kind words and support
   Keshena, Dennis, Aidan, Colin & Evan – great weavers in the tapestry of my life
   Susan, Amanda, Stephanie, Ryan, Greg and the great folks at Northside Branch, CML
   Thelma, Micki, Geneva, Dee and Duke-my morning coffee crew
   Marsha — who always finds a way to deliver mail with a smile
   Bobby whose great energy and smiles shine even when hefting 100 lb pkgs
   Allison, Sherrie & Lynn at Aniara
   John T. & Gil F. – whose gentle words & thoughtful teachings enrich the world

I also give thanks to the ancient ones — the ancestors who came before us. It is from respect, honoring and caring for the land that it exists today for us all to experience and enjoy.

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