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PRESS RELEASE: Rick Braveheart Selected for Columbus Arts Festival
April 27, 2015

COLUMBUS, OHIO ā€” Rick Braveheart has been selected to exhibit at the 54th Annual Columbus Arts Festival on June 12-14, 2015. The juried art show, one of the most highly acclaimed arts festivals in the nation, last year attracted over 500,000 art enthusiasts to the city’s downtown riverfront. He will join over 300 artists from around the world for this three-day event. Rick will also be featured among a handful of Emerging Artist’sā€“a select program designed to help promote Central Ohio artists who are new to presenting their work at art festivals.

Rick has been a life-long landscape photographer and began his work with a camera at age ten. Starting with a single photograph published in a textbook decades ago, his work is now found in hundreds of private and corporate collections including the permanent collection of the U.S. National Park Service, U.S. State Department Embassies, various museums and national conservation organizations.

rick-braveheart-columbus-arts-festivalRick Braveheart has created a unique visual style in his landscape work and is known for his love of nature and of bring attention to the need for protecting America’s national lands. Often waiting hours to capture a single photograph, along with an understanding of light, nature and the environment, his images evoke a sense of wonder and reveal an inner beauty, energy and spirit of the land. Rick’s traditional photographs are made with modern digital and film cameras as well as large century-old wooden cameras. He also creates non-traditional photographic images with wax painting and by hand-transferring inks from original photos onto handmade paper, glass, wood and other surfaces.

The Columbus Arts Festival, held along the city’s revitalized riverfront area known as the Scioto Mile, is produced by the non-profit Greater Columbus Arts Council. This annual festival is consistently ranked among the top art fairs in the nation including Sunshine Artist magazine’s top 100 fairs, American Style, and the Art Fair Sourcebook ELITE 25 Fine Art Fairs.

At the festival Rick can be found in booth W291. For more information on his work please visit For more information about the festival, its artists, programs and performers, visit the Columbus Arts Festival website at: ā€“ and follow the festival on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Congratulations!
    Quite an honor, and you are so deserving.

    1. Thanks so very much Mel. It’s great to hear from you and maybe you can stop by the booth during the Festival.

  2. Congrats, Rick! Well-deserved! Good luck!

    1. Oh Julie, that’s so kind of you to say. Many many thanks. ~Rick

  3. Congratulations! What an honor to be selected for this fabulous art festival. It is well deserved. I’ve been enjoying your blog for a while now, and am never disappointed.
    We live in Cincinnati and I will try to clear our calendar for that weekend.
    Best wishes.

    1. Thanks SO MUCH Michelle. The Columbus Arts Festival is a great 3-day event for anyone who enjoys art of just about any type plus this year they have some amazing entertainment scheduled. I’ll be in booth W291 and it would be great fun to meet you in person. ~Rick

  4. Rick,

    How wonderful! What a great opportunity for sharing your artistic talent and to see what other artists are doing as well. Your vision of our Natural world is quite unique and anyone who has a chance to study your images cannot help but be moved.

    All the best!


    1. It’s always a delight to hear from you Wally and I so much appreciate your good wishes on the festival and comments on my work. Hopefully someday soon I’ll bring a show to Florida so we can meet in person. ~Rick

  5. Congratulations! Wonderful… I wish I lived closer so I could come.

    1. Thank you for the congrat’s Lynn. Maybe someday one of these exhibits will be closer to you. Rick

  6. Could not think of anyone more deserving. I am reminded every day of your creative artistry as I glance at your marvelous vision of Zion. It’s my inspiration!

    1. Many thanks Gunta, not only for your comments on being selected for the festival but for the smile you brought to my heart in knowing that the Zion image you have is an inspiration to you. { } ~Rick

  7. Hello Rick… and congratulations! What a great event to be involved in! Perhaps one day FD and I will venture from the Oklahoma woodlands and come to one of these festivals to meet you!

    1. Thank you Lori. It would be great to have the chance to meet you and FD in person but I’m not sure driving from OK would be the best way to do that. Knowing how you like to stop on your travels whenever you see something that catches your eye to photograph, it might take you a full year for you two to get here! There are several possibilities that I might be bringing an exhibit much closer to you in the next year and I’ll keep you updated. ~Rick.

  8. Congratulations, Rick! I would love to visit the Columbus Art Festival and to see your work …

    1. Many many thanks Michele, And I would love for you to have the chance to meet and see the work in person. You never know because the future is often filled with wonderful surprises! Rick

  9. Brilliant Rick.. Congratulations.. šŸ™‚ Well done and well deserved.. Hugs Sue

    1. My heartfelt thanks to you Sue. { } ~Rick

  10. A hard earned and well deserved honor. We are all excited for and proud of you Rick. Best wishes.

    1. Thank you so much my friend. I truly appreciate your kind words about my work and your support. ~Rick

  11. Congratulations Rick. It’s good to see you getting the recognition you deserve. Have a great show.

    1. My heartfelt thanks for the kind words and good wishes Rod. ~Rick

  12. YAY for you Rick and for all of the new folks that will be able to experience your creative works of art. Really looking forward to seeing you at the show.

    1. Thank you Di. It will be great fun to have you and Bill visit at the show. { } ~Rick

  13. Congratulations, Rick! I’m glad to see that you are receiving the recognition your beautiful and important work deserves.

    1. Thank you Carol. I deeply appreciate your kind words and, as always, your visits. ~Rick

  14. Congratulations Rick! This a well-deserved honor for you. Wish we were going to be in the area. I am going to pass along the dates of this Arts Festival to our friends who live in Columbus.

    1. Many many thanks LuAnn. I wish you and Terry could visit as well and thank you so very much for letting your friends know. It would be a joy to meet them. Also, because it is such a large festival, if they do come to visit have them look for booth W291.

  15. Your heart, passion and instinct for the artistry you create shines through Rick and this honour is so richly deserved my lovely friend. Your creativity will reach a larger audience and that is great, as more will come to appreciate your perspectives on nature and life. Hugs and much <3 – go fly my friend. Xx

    1. So many thanks for these kind words and good wishes Jane. Your support and caring from across the pond touches my heart dear friend. { } ~Rick

  16. Congratulations! I’m very happy to see so that so many people will get to see your wonderful photographs. Very exciting!

    1. I so much appreciate your kind words of support Sherrie. Many many thanks. ~Rick

  17. Hi Rick. Congratulations! That’s my birthday weekend and I’m hoping to come to the Arts Festival and meet you in person! ~Sherry

  18. That will be SO GREAT Sherry, not only to meet you but to meet you on your Birthday Weekend. And after these years of getting to know each other a little via our blogs what a joy and honor it will be to meet you in person. There will be lots of artists to check out and I’ll be in tent/booth 291W. ~Rick

  19. Hi there! I thought I would wander over and see how you’ve been doing. I hope the Arts Festival was a success, and that you’re doing well!
    Take care,

    1. Hi Elisa. It’s so very nice to hear from you and amazed you found time away from your California travel adventure. I’m deep in the throws of preparing 140 photographs for the festival which is only two weeks away. Lots of work but at least it keeps me out of trouble šŸ™‚ Sending you wishes for safe and happy travels. ~Rick

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