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Two New Exhibitions Open This Week

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Yesterday I finally completed the printing, matting and framing of 82 photographs for various exhibitions and shows around the country. Two of those open here this week in Columbus, Ohio. The first of those features two dozen of my national park photographs from the American West. I am pleased to share this exhibition with my friend and talented textile artist Sue King (click here to visit her website) who has also served as artist in residence at several national parks. Here is an announcement with details for anyone in the area who would like to visit the show.

America’s National Parks: Two Perspectives
at Grandview Heights Public Library
Columbus, Ohio
December 1 – 31, 2014
Master landscape photographer Rick Braveheart and textile artist Sue King have served as artists in residence at more than a dozen national parks and monuments across the United States. In this joint exhibition they share their unique and synergistic points of view as they document and celebrate the cultural and geographical treasures found in America’s National Parks.

Grandview Heights Public Library
1685 West First Ave.
Columbus, OH 43212

I am also pleased to have two other art works in a month-long show at the Roy G Biv Gallery in Columbus, Ohio. They are part of a large art project I have been refining for more than two years using a technique that involves hand transferring the ink from a photograph onto paper. Those works shown below are titled Western Ways and Days of Old.

The exhibition at the Roy G Biv gallery runs December 6-27. For more information on the gallery, the show and for directions, please visit their website by clicking here.

photography exhibit roy g biv

Fall in Ohio: Columbus Rowing Association Boathouse

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The Boathouse
Greater Columbus Rowing
Association, Columbus, Ohio
Size: 18×21″ (45.7×53.3 cm)

I am taking time between photo travel assignments this Fall to prepare an exhibit featuring images from my hometown of Columbus, Ohio.

Located on the shore of the Scioto River, the Greater Columbus Rowing Association is dedicated to fostering and developing interest in the sport of sculling/rowing within the community. On almost any weekend of the year, one can sit along the riverbank and watch the beauty and precision of the rowers gliding gracefully in their boats along the river. The association completed construction of this lovely and colorful boathouse in 2011 which frequently casts brilliant, captivating reflections upon the river. To read more about the association and the great work they do, click here to visit their website.

Equipment: Canon 6D camera, Canon 14mm Lens
Camera Settings: F-Stop: f/8, Shutter Speed: 1/25 sec, ASA: 200.

Landscape Photographer’s Notes Series – “Sweet Light on Sand”

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Until October when I begin the next photo destination series for an upcoming assignment with the National Park Service, I’ll be posting one photograph each week along with thoughts about that image, the location and why/how the photo was made. The idea for this series was recently suggested by long time blog reader Pat Bailey. Thank you for this great idea Pat. I hope it provides readers with some ideas, techniques or inspiration they can use in their photography.
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Sweet Light on Sand
White Sands National Monument, New Mexico

About This Photo
Established in 1936 and setting at an elevation of over 4,000 feet (1,220 m), White Sands National Monument is a vast 10 acre (4 ha) area of sweeping sand dunes located in Southern New Mexico. If you love sand, sand dunes or locations that feel “out of this world” it is a must see destination.

My purpose in photographing at White Sands was to capture an image that conveyed the dramatic colors, beauty in its simplicity, and the highly sensual shapes created by wind and light on the dunes. I know from years of photographing desert landscapes that during the moments near sunrise and sunset, the colors of sand can often turn into stunning shades of red, orange, pink and gray, especially when contrasted against a dark sky.

To photograph these dunes I arrived two hours before sunrise. A two mile drive into the park followed by a 1-mile (1.6 km) hike across isolated dunes guided only by a small flashlight brought me to this location. During that hike I had been searching for a large, gently sweeping sand dune whose highest point (normally the curved center portion) faced directly East toward the upcoming sunrise.

After a 45 minute wait in 20° F (-6.7° C) temperatures a small beam of sunlight edged over the horizon painting this dune in brilliant colors and cast shadows that revealed the textures and shapes in the sand. (Photographers call the soft light which appears around sunrise and sunset “sweet light”). After making only 5 exposures and less than one minute after I began photographing the sun had crested the horizon and the dramatic colors vanished.

[For more information on White Sands National Monument visit the National Park Service website by clicking here.]

Equipment: Nikon D2X DSLR camera and Nikon 50mm f/1.4 lens
Camera Settings: F-Stop: f/18, Shutter Speed: 1/30 sec., ISO Speed: 200.

~ Rick Braveheart, Columbus Ohio USA