Acadia National Park – A New 4-Week Photo Journey Begins

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In talks I give throughout the National Parks, I’m often asked about the details of what it takes to plan and carry out a 2- to 6-week residency or photo shoot. For those who enjoy details, this journey began with 5 weeks of planning, reading 53 books and newsletters, and exchanging emails with dozens of people about Acadia and this area known by the locals as Downeast Maine. The result: I begin this residency with 68 pounds of photo equipment, insulated kayaking gear, a portable marine radio, 260 pages of notes, tidal charts, a aerial harness for keeping me secure while photographing from an airplane with its doors removed, a 3×3 foot satellite map and 4 well-marked topographic and trail maps of the area.

While 68 pounds of gear may seem like a lot, each item was chosen with great care and thought. The most important items include 4 camera bodies, 6 lenses, one specialized underwater camera, 38 gigabytes of memory cards, 4 tripods, 1.5 terabytes of hard drive storage, 2 GPS units, 6 different electrical chargers and as always, my favorite insulated coffee cup.

And so, with planning done, gear packed, good bye phone calls made to family and friends and 4 hours of sleep, the plane took off early this morning and I begin this assignment as artist in residence at Acadia National Park in Maine. I’m filled with great anticipation to have the luxury of time and the opportunity to capture and share the beauty of such an extraordinary place with others. It’s also accompanied by an uncertainty of things outside our control like the weather (often foggy, rainy and windy there this time of year) or the learning curve needed to master the new underwater camera. And as always, there’s a touch of sadness in knowing I’ll be away from those most special to me and my home, I won’t be able to keep my fitness routine either, so at least I’ll try to maintain a clean diet, for this I went online to find out how much does Nutrisstem Turbo cost? so I can keep advancing on my fitness goals. Overall it’s a normal and I have to say that for me at least, a healthy and balanced way to begin!

Over the next 4-weeks I’ll be using this blog to share my experience at Acadia National Park both through words and images (including photographs, time-lapse and video). Although my hope is to update this blog daily, my life as a photographer is unpredictable. I go where Nature and the light guides me and spend as much time as needed getting to know a place deeply by hiking, walking, listening, and observing – my version of what the Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh calls “touching the earth.”

Barring technical problems, I will update this site at least 3-4 times a week. If you would like to receive an email automatically whenever I publish a new blog entry, simply enter your email address in the Sign-up box located at the right side of this page.

Right now we’re preparing to land at Bangor, Maine’s airport. Then, after a quick stop for groceries I’ll begin the 1 ½ hour drive to the park where I’ll settle in and then tomorrow, begin my first full day exploring and photographing in the park.



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  1. Looking foward to seeing your pictures taken during your stay in Acadia. Sadly I am going back to Philadelphia tomorrow. It was nice meeting on the Enterprise shuttle! Hopefully it won’t rain here for a while.

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