For over two decades, I have worked as both a fine art and commercial photographer to capture, through photographic images, the beauty and magic of nature, light, the Earth and its people. I feel a deep honor and gratitude to be able to share that beauty and magic with others through fine art prints, and a joy in seeing those images in books, calendars, advertisements, Internet websites and greeting cards. I have also had the great honor in serving as Artist-in-Residence at 13 National Parks in the U.S. as well as the Museum of Northern Arizona in Flagstaff.


Rick Braveheart

As a Native American (Tuscarora / Iroquois) I live with a great sensitivity, reverence, and respect for the beauty and spirit that surrounds us in each moment on this Earth Walk. Through photography, I’ve been given the ability, and a responsibility, to capture those moments and convey that beauty and spirit to others so they can experience it as well.

When I started as a commercial photographer, I worked hard using all my senses to find the unique beauty of each subject. Then, I’d use the camera to capture it. Now, many years later, when the camera is in my hand it becomes a sort of sixth body sense which, almost on its own seems to guide my hands and eyes as I press the shutter. It’s an amazing thing to experience.

I grew up outside of Niagara Falls, New York. My first experience with a camera was at 16 when I borrowed my father’s 35mm Kodak, went to a nearby park, and spent 4 hours shooting 3 rolls of film. With each photograph, I carefully recorded the image number and various camera settings hoping to learn from my efforts. And I can still remember looking at those first set of prints with excited amazement in seeing what I’d captured, and in what I’d learned. From that moment on, I was hooked for life on photography.

One of my greatest joys is photographing landscapes and animals, especially at times of the day most folks simply shake their head at when I tell them. My photo shoots usually begin on location several hours before sunrise and end an hour or two after sunset. My absolute favorite time to photograph are during the moments referred to as “sweet light.” It’s a photographic term for the minutes bracketing sunrise and sunset when the light is soft and the colors turn vibrant and rich, almost sureal. One of the most consistent comments I receive for images I’ve taken during sweet light, is of how the viewer has never seen colors quite like that before. The colors of sweet light are easy to miss because we usually find ourselves watching the sun as it rises and sets instead of turning around to observe what’s illuminated behind us.

Rick’s photography studios are located in Ohio and Florida. He lives in Columbus, Ohio with his wife Barbara.

To contact Rick, please visit the Contact page on his website by clicking here.

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