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national park photography traveling exhibition

A Traveling Photographic Exhibit Honoring
The National Park Service Centennial

Swaner EcoCenter, Park City, UT ~ Aug. 25 -Nov. 27, 2016
Leepa-Rattner Museum, Tarpon Springs, FL ~ Feb. 19 - May 19, 2017


In capturing the vivid landscapes of America's wild and unsettled West, early 19th century artists piqued the interest of all Americans. Curiosity and the wish to view the natural wonders depicted in those artworks resulted in a rush westward to experience those sights firsthand. It also drew homesteaders, prospectors and settlers westward who immediately began to change the face of those lands and helped encourage Congress to set aside national parks and protect those areas for the enjoyment of all.

Over the past century, the beauty of those national parks has seen dramatic changes due to pollution, global warming, insect invasion, commercial development and dwindling water resources. For example, Glacier National Park has lost all but a handful of named glaciers due to global warming, long range visibility in many parks has decreased by as much as 85% from air pollution and several parks have lost the vast majority of their pine/spruce trees due to insect invasion. Left unchanged, these national lands will become distant memories of their past grandeur. What future generations will experience as the beauty of our those lands tomorrow will depend greatly on what changes we make to protect them today.


Endangered Landscapes weaves together elements of art, education, environment and ecology with opportunities for visitor reflection and dialogue about America's public lands and the environment. Using fine art images produced with both modern and vintage cameras and varied artistic presentation techniques including traditional color and B&W gelatin silver images, large size C-prints on paper, UV prints on Dibond, impressionistic images on handmade paper, and music videos, it speaks to a wide variety of artistic interests.

Depending upon gallery space available, the exhibition consists of 35 – 50 art works. Their format includes intimate, small format photographs, large scale landscapes, panoramas and multi-image installation pieces. Several works are also available in various sizes to best accommodate gallery space and strengthen visitor interaction. The final number of pieces will be determined in cooperation with the gallery staff.

Woven into the exhibition is a strong educational component to raise awareness of the environmental and social challenges our National Parks face and to encourage personal reflection and dialog about solutions. These are offered through information panels, wall-mounted (or handout) Do You Know quizzes, share-your-thoughts boards and more.

For more information and further details on the National Park Photography Traveling Exhibition, including rental fees and availability, please click here for our contact information.