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Color Photography Portfolio

During my many decades working as a landscape photographer, most of my focus has been spent capturing the beauty of America's National and Public lands. And, over the past few years it has included the honor of serving as the National Park Service artist in residence and the privledge of living and photographing inside 12 of America's national parks 4-6 weeks at a time. I also work with land preservation and conservation groups who help to protect and care for the land, such as The Nature Conservancy. The photographs in this website highlight the vast diversity and immensity beauty of these lands and the dedication and hard work of the organizations that help to maintain and protect them.

Tears of Spring Joy
Etched in Time
Lost But Not Forgotten
Nature Beckons
Light Dance
Remembering Route 66
Standing Tall
Come Closer
Adrift in the Mangroves
Color the Earth
Dressed in White
Desert Love
The Couple
The Road Not Taken
Forest Elder
Amber Waves
Light Painting
Autumns Fading Palette
Awaken the Night
First Light
Mt. Moran-Willlow Flats
Harvest Moon
Morning Reflection
Deep in the Nature
Like a Dream
Days of Old
Road Not Taken
The Trading Post
Lost in the Forest